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Ropes Course Therapy

Ropes Course Therapy

Outdoor Therapy Activities & Addiction Recovery

Our ropes course takes place in the picturesque surroundings of Malibu, California. Perched above the ocean on a quiet mountainside, the ropes course offers one of the finest therapeutic outdoor experiences in addiction treatment today. In addition to physical training and yoga, the ropes course allows you to meet a number of goals by focusing on positive achievements and confronting personal fears & anxieties. Some of the therapeutic achievements you will experience while participating in our ropes course include: positive risk taking, improved self confidence, expanding comfort zones, improved leadership skills, overcoming fears, and an overall increase of personal and team development.

The course is designed, built, maintained, and operated by ropes course experts using state of the art safety equipment. Everyone can participate in the ropes course, no matter how physically fit or athletic you are.

Ropes Course Therapy Training at Passages Malibu

At Passages Malibu, our substance abuse treatment program is constantly improving, evolving and striving to offer the most diverse, cutting edge forms of therapy available, and we specialize in one-on-one therapy. Come to Passages and we guarantee you will be completely amazed by the quality of our program. We have over two-dozen unique addiction treatment methods, including outdoor activities such as our challenging organized hikes, and our famous and challenging ropes course. Our ropes course is a fun, safe, and inspiring way for clients to attain personal growth and engage in a productive team building exercise.

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